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Director Speaks

Respected Patrons,

Having had researched and worked with renowned labs in India for 18 years, on tracing pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits, foods and ayurvedic preparations; I know from close quarters how toxic laden our foods and body care products have become and finally got sick of tabulating the toxic results. They say, ‘when things go wrong – get back to the basics’, and that’s precisely what I decided to do; get to work on my qualification –Ph.D. on Pesticide residue analysis of various foods. I left my well paying cushy job at the lab and took the less travelled roads to the rural country side in search of toxin free foods and traditional farmers, and after one year of perspiration and inspiration; the results are here for you all to see and savour –

 HEKPATY ! – god’s own food !HEKTAPY, is an almost divine collection of single origin food picked by me, from fussy farmers and picky product makers; all of whom happen to be tucked un-ceremoniously in the nooks and corners of our country and far from the hustle and bustle of the hyped-up super markets. For accomplishing this I took a ‘no pains – no gains’ approach, ‘the devil is in the detail’ method and ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’ technique and proved my hypothesis right that ‘Yes – Quality is Quantifiable’, not just lexically and numerically, but gastronomically! However, I haven’t concluded my research and search for ‘toxin free healthy traditional foods and body care products’ as I intend to enlarge the HEKTAPY basket with more such products, for my discerning patrons..

HEKTAPY is served to you on a specially designed platter – a web-based mobile operated platform - with love and care, through quick and safe delivery at your door-step and respectfully, by being responsive to your queries and feed-back.

HEKTAPY: Its nature’s bounty and no wonder it tastes or feels divine. I vouch for it, but don’t take my word for it ... You Check It Out! I eagerly await your response.

Dr. Swarupa Rani