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Watermelon Seeds 200g

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Watermelon seeds are low calorie and provide only 30 calories for 5gm. They are a rich source of magnesium providing 25 mg for every 5gm and 420 mg is required by our body every day, for restoring and boosting metabolism, immunity and the nervous system. They are also rich in iron, copper, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated and omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B-complex. They are a store house of zinc which aids immunity, nervous system, digestion, cell re-growth and olfactory senses; and just 5 gm can cover 20% of our body’s everyday zinc requirement. The other medicinal benefits of consuming watermelon seeds are – control of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, arthritis and ulcers; as well as memory boost.

Watermelon seeds are also good for the skin and hair. They prevent acne and improve skin’s elasticity. They provide a moisturising layer to the skin, firmness and keep skin disorders at bay. Consumption of watermelon seeds helps in the production of melanin, which is excellent for hair health, preventing breakage and keeping grey hair at bay.

·         Hektapy water melon seeds can be eaten raw or roasted, as a mid-day or midnight    snack.

·         Garnish the seeds or powder on smoothies, juices, soups, stews, gravies or yoghurt    recipes

·         Add them on salads and fruit servings.

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