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Red Chilli Pickle 200g/400g

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Spicy and sizzling red hot Hektapy Red Chilli Pickle is perfected in-house in the traditional Andhra – Guntur style of preparation over countless small batches for tasting by older generation purists and connoisseurs. The ripe red chilli is of single origin and sourced from a traditional chilli farmer. The seed and the package of cultivation practices are provided by Hektapy and the select variety is known for its medium pungency and good colour. All the ingredients are exclusively sourced by Hektapy to match its quality standards. The result is a real traditional treat, to be savoured a little, with every meal. The capsaicin in the chilli prevents heart problems, controls blood sugar levels, maintains blood pressure and is also a source of Vitamin C. The added ingredients pack many other health benefits. Ingredients: Red chilli, ginger, garlic, mango flavoured turmeric, tamarind, cumin, mustard, fenugreek, curry leaves, salt, asafoetida, cold pressed mustard and groundnut oils.

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