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Raw Wild Honey 500g

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  • Honey happens to be the most wonderful of nature’s bounty and it also happens to be the most complicated of all products on the store-shelves, confusing the consumers. Hektapy had to undertake the most strenuous of efforts to travel, research and source exclusively natural raw honeys, collected directly from authentic sources in different parts of the country and just packed it hygienically for you. Nothing more and nothing less. We just kept it simple and straight – from the bee-hive and into the Hektapy bottle. The taste and flavour of the Honeys varies as per the season and is natural and even rugged. Our collection of rare raw Honeys is as incredible as India is!

    Hektapy follows a fair price policy and procures its collection of Honeys directly from the tribals, farmers, bee-keepers and SHGs of women, across various remote parts of India and  your purchase of these Honeys, directly benefits them by improving their livelihood.

     Crystallization is a natural process in raw honey and does not change its nature or taste. Honey does not lose quality on storage and needs no refrigeration. 

  • Raw Wild Honey

    Collected by the Chenchu tribe honey-hunters living in the hilly tracts of the Nallamala deciduous forests of Telangana, this raw wild honey is foraged by the Peda pera species of bees endemic to this region. The hives formed in the rock crevices are usually difficult to reach even for the native tribals and Hektapy travels far to these remote hamlets to collect this rare honey directly from them. This honey keeps varying in colour and texture and the taste is a mixture of flavours with mild bitterness and is available only seasonally. 

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