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Thu, 13 May 2021

written by Dr Swarupa Rani

Power of Garlic

Hektapy Garlic dehydrated powder is prepared by careful selection of healthy garlic bulbs fresh from the farm, grading the quality based on garlic cloves health and appearance. Dehydrated hygienically to obtain unique flavour and aroma which gives best taste to any culinary dishes.

Hektapy Garlic powder can be easily stored and used in several food preparations, notably in pickles, curry powders, curried vegetables, meat preparations and tomato ketchup, etc.


Historical Effects-  Garlic has been used as medicine for centuries. References to this herb have been recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible, the Codex Ebers, an ancient Egyptian medical volume, Shin ching, the Chinese Book of Songs, and in medical texts of Sumeria, considered to be the world's oldest pharmacopeia. From pharaohs to pharmacies, it is known as the king of the herbs. Some of the historical usages of garlic have included remedies for heart problems, headaches, coughs and colds, snake and insect bites, asthma, arthritis, hair growth, worms, respiratory ailments, digestive disturbances, toothaches, and tumors. Tales of garlic as a cure for the great plagues were passed along and written about for several centuries. It was recommended more for protection rather than for actual treatment of the disease. Garlic was coined as ‘Russian penicillin’ due to its potent antibiotic effects. During both world wars it was used to prevent wounds from growing gangrenous. The ancient Egyptian text Codex Ebers details formulas with garlic as remedies for heart problems, headaches, tumours and other ailments. Chinese writings dating from 2700 bc describe garlic for treating many ailments and for enhancing vigor. In India, Ayurvedic medicine recommends garlic to boost energy and treat colds and fatigue. In modern times garlic has become a popular health-promoting herb in the Far and Near Eastern countries, Europe, and the USA. In certain parts of China people eat about 20 grams of garlic a day, approximately eight medium-sized cloves. In Germany, most adults take a daily garlic supplement to promote health. In the USA the use of garlic supplements has been rapidly escalating over the years, with the most popular supplement being the odorless aged garlic extract.