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Coffee Arabica(100 % Pure) -125g

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Hektapy is proud to introduce its premium coffees to discerning connoisseurs of rich coffee. Sourced exclusively in Chikmagalur – The Land of Coffee, from a 100 year old coffee estate, nestled in the famed bio-diverse hills of the Western Ghats, at the foothills of Mullayangiri (6,500 ft), the highest peak in Karnataka.   

Hektapy coffees are of single origin and sustainable cultivated, eco-washed and sun dried clean, hulled and mild roasted in small batches, powdered and packed fresh; all by the planter himself using high-tech imported machinery. Hektapy selects the best coffee beans of Bold AA size for its premium filter coffees, for that exclusivity. 

ARABICA (100% Pure)

A pure Arabica coffee powder that gives the finest aroma and mellowest taste.

All Hektapy Premium Filter Coffees come along with a sachet of Hektapy Premium Chicory Powder to blend the pure coffees with; whenever the need for a strong, dense, bitter coffee is felt.


Filter Coffees are made using a ‘Coffee Filter’, which is available for sale at all kitchen accessories stores. It is a standard equipment that comes with 2 jars. The upper holds the coffee powder and has holes that let the brew drip into the lower jar. There is a pressing disc in the upper jar, which also has a cap for closing it. Strong decoction collects in the lower jar.


Other equipment that are needed are a milk boiling vessel, a vessel for heating water, a pan for frothing the prepared coffee, and for serving – a porcelain coffee cup set, or a set of dabarah and tumbler made of stainless steel or brass or just glass tumblers. The coffee drinking ceremony varies with the local culture in the country and individual preferences.


Ingredients Required

·         3 tsps of Hektapy premium Filter Coffee Powder

·         1 cup water

·         ¾ cup of Milk

·         1-2 tsps of sugar for each cup or tumbler


Preparing Coffee Decoction

o   Take the Coffee Filter and fit the top jar on the lower one. Take 3 tea spoons of Hektapy Premium Coffee Powder and place it in the top jar which has perforations.

o   Spread the coffee evenly in the jar and press the disc with the handle on the powder.

o   Boil 1 cup of water and gently pour the water into the top jar till it is ¾ or almost full.

o   Cover the top jar and let the decoction percolate into the lower jar. This may take around 15 minutes and the decoction is ready.


Filter Coffee Preparation

v  Heat ¾ cup of whole milk till boil.

v  Add sugar as required.

v  Strain and pour ¼ or 1/3 cup of boiling hot milk to the tumbler.

v  Now pour ¼ or 1/3 cup of decoction to the tumbler.


Serving Filter Coffee

*      Froth the coffee by pouring it from the tumbler into another – 2/3 times, till the sugar melts and a foam forms on the coffee.

*      Pour the frothing coffee into the serving tumbler / cup.

*      Serve steaming coffee immediately.



ü  Test and Taste Hektapy Premium Filter Coffee Powders in a myriad ways.

ü  Add more or less of coffee powder into the filter, based on how strong you want the decoction.

ü  For stronger and bitter coffee add ½ spoon or more of Hektapy Premium Chicory Powder, as per your preference.

ü  Preferences can be – Mild light aromatic coffee, Strong but aromatic coffee, Very Strong and bitter coffee, coffee with milk or without, hot or cold coffee, with sugar or honey, with mint or lemon flavoured – endless.

ü  Freshly ground roasted Hektapy Peaberry coffee beans - produce the best aromatic coffee that has a rich, tantalizing taste.           

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