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Hektapy is pleased to present its ‘Spicy Chai Masala’, to all its discerning customers. Researched thoroughly and prepared with the most needed ingredients for health and immunity boost - Hektapy Spicy Chai Masala is a blend of 7 spices and 11 herbs - all from the Hektapy pre-sourced store of pure and fresh ingredients. You will find it invigorating, malty and piquant with a subtle hint of spice. Simultaneously, it is a healthy, nutritive and a natural, herbal home remedy for common ailments.

A specially curated exquisite product from the Hektapy Kitchen

Health Benefits:

Detoxifies body and boosts immunity

Relieves physical and mental stress

Improves heart and kidney functions

Removes bad cholesterol

Remedies gastro-intestinal problems

Balances release of hormones

Stimulates brain and perks-up memory

Soothes nerves and regulates sleep

Brightens skin tone

Helps in weight loss



Black pepper, black cardamom, green cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, fennel seeds, nutmeg, holy basil leaves, mint leaves, oregano, Lavendar,Lemon balm,Rhododendron, sage, Thyme, Rose petals and lemon grass.


      Add ¼ tsp of Hektapy Spicy Chai Masala to 2 cups of boiling water or 2 cups of normal tea.

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